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Welcome to Asking Price Realty, a division of Smart Realty Network. Like SRN, we bring smart solutions to the real estate market. The only difference? We’re centered primarily on sellers.

Asking Price Realty is a solution-bearing name for sellers. We operate in New York, Miami, and Panama, filtering into specific real estate markets in these areas. We understand real estate but we specifically understand sellers here. We understand that as property and home owners, you want a valuable deal for your property. Residential properties are the biggest asset for homeowners and you can rest assured that with our solutions, this asset will bring to you an asset-worthy price. Our motto is, we will get your asking price for your house and we like to stick to it.

How We Work is simple enough. We take listings from sellers and work to get them deals that they are after. We have brought to you a variety of tips and resources that help you as a seller and have also set up programs that are based for the benefit of sellers. We are all about bringing to you smart solutions, so that you never have to compromise on your property sale deals.

Of course, where there are sellers, there are buyers, and we automatically cater to residential property/home buyers as well. In fact, due to our diverse range of real estate markets, we are an ideal place for buyers who are looking for properties in our operative areas (check out our Search by Area feature for all markets we serve). Whether you, as a buyer, are looking for short sales, foreclosures, coops, condos, newly constructed properties, land in Queens, NY and other areas – this is your place to be. Everything and anything you may be looking for is all present with Asking Price Realty, where listings are authentic and buyers and sellers both get to enjoy resources and smart solutions.

Our Aim

Our aim here at Asking Price Realty is to change how real estate markets operate for sellers. There is a significance lack of smart solutions and efficient resources available for sellers and many of them find themselves having to compromise upon their property deals. This is exactly what we are out to change – with our abundance of resources, tools, tips, programs, and of course, listing solutions, we can change how markets work for you. Convenience, efficiency, ease, satisfaction, and smart opportuneness – you get all that with us.

We hope you find our easy to use and self-explanatory site full of help and assistance. We have laid everything out for you in categories so you can enjoy a smooth experience with us. Of course, for further assistance or help, you can always feel free to Contact Us! Information available at the Contact Us tab.

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